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About BC Styleyes

Butch (aka Ian Caldicott)Sundace AKA Raven OKeefeMeet Butch and Sundance, the brains and talent behind the products that we proudly offer to the community of Border Collie owners, trainers, breeders and fans. BC Styleyes is the exclusive distributor of products derived from the artwork of Raven OKeefe. At BC Styleyes we are committed to providing our customers with the finest in Border Collie artwork on note cards, prints, and more while supporting the sport of herding, working ranch and farm dogs, Border Collie rescue and the Border Collie breed. From our farm in Scio Oregon we also make an extensive line of sheep based and sheep related products that we sell through our Sheep Thrillz web site. We also have products for other dog breeds on our Canis Major Art site.

    "Butch" (AKA Ian Caldicott) has been training and working Border Collies since 1989 and has maintained the Stock Dog Server since 1993.  He can be seen at trials in the Pacific Northwest and is currently running Joe Kidd and Bear in Open. "Sundance" (AKA Raven OKeefe) has been an artist since she first picked up a crayon and has specialized in animal portraits since 1985.   She can be seen at selected national and international trials, visiting with her many famous clients.

   Follow the links on the left to see our product lines.  If you have suggestions for new products you would like to see, please contact us at raveian@wolston.com.  We are constantly working to expand and improve our product line, so keep watching for new products coming soon!!! If you are part of a BC rescue organization please look at our rescue page for information on special offers for rescue groups.