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Trial Awards

We have products that can be customized for use as trial awards or fundraisers to fit almost any budget. Look through the options below and then drop us an e-mail to discuss you specific needs.

Original Paintings
The series of paintings that make up the trial series can all be had as trial awards. Following the same basic design for each theme Raven makes each one a little different, changing the dog, the background color etc. The award imformation is letttered across the top. The paintings are 7 inches tall and 24 inches long. A steal at $125 each including framing.

Shepherds Crooks
A very traditional award we can make crooks for awards that include engraved brass, copper or nickle silver collars. Prices range from a simple wood head crook at $80 and go up to $400 for teh most elaborate carved horn crooks. Check our our crooks pages for inspiration then give us a call at 503-394-2021 to talk about your needs.
Wool Sculptures
Ranging in price for $100-$300 these pieces are solid wool sculpted into dog and sheep and mounted on beautifully finished hardwood bases. A truly exceptional award.
Wool Ceremonial Shields
If your looking for something a little different this is for you. These ceremonial shields are hand felted by Raven and come in a variety of sized and designs to varied to show here. Give us a call at 503-394-2021 to discuss options. Shields start at $60 and go up to $150.
Any of the mugs on our mugs page can be customized to put your trial name and the award on the back side (or across the top for the trial scene series). Mugs are $15 each and Customization is just $3 per mug.